Our main customers are involved in cosmetic, food and beverage, and medical industries.

Specialties of Nikko Packin

Cosmetic / Beauty

For cosmetic products, visual designs are highly important, but it is unavoidable matter to deal with the deterioration of the content. As an expert, we are dealing with major cosmetic companies with confidence in our quality. Our production is available from minimum lot of 100 sheets per lot.

Food / Beverage

Not only the leakage is the major concern of the container of food and beverage but also the expiration date needs to be precisely noted. We are providing mass production of Packing sheet as well as punching of the caps and aluminum seals. Our inspection system is reliable for mass production.

Medicine / Chemical

All medical supplies require high hygienic conditions and risk management. With the reputation and quality management we gained from providing products to cosmetics and food industries, we are proudly providing the services of Packing sheet production for chemicals and petri dishes and of sponge punching for medical kit in clean environment.

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