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Nikko Packin Co., Ltd. was founded in Osaka in 1963. We have made this far to this date because of the support of customers, partner suppliers, and most of all, our hardworking employees. The product we make, Packin (Packing sheet), is little known in the public. It is more of unsung hero type of product which has demand from container manufactures and cosmetics, food and beverage, and medical product maker companies. Although the public awareness of packing is low, we are aiming for safe and stress-free production for the sake of the end users.

In order to accomplish our aim, we believe it is important to hear out the real issue what client is facing taking the environment surrounding them and globalized market as consideration, and then to stand in their position to think what would be the best solution for them.

We could make only small contribution, but we are always conscious that “it’s only a packing, but it’s still a big player” and willing to grow together with our clients to be the significant existence for them. We will keep making the best use of our knowledge and know-how for employee training in order to add value to our services in a way of customer satisfaction.

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Company NameNikko Packin Co., Ltd.
RepresentativesCEO: Toshihiko Kitagawa
Company Address6-3-39, Wakae Higashimachi, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, 578-0935, Japan
Business Hours8am – 5pm JST (except for weekend and public holidays)
FoundationOctober 1st, 1964
Capital10,000,000 JPY
Sales Revenue800,000,000 JPY
Number of EmployeesTotal 70 Employees
Major Business Activities
  • Development, design, process and Packin (Packing sheet) for cosmetic, food, beverage, medicine, chemical, the oil and fat and other material.
  • Various Punching
  • Processing for hot stamp print and virgin seal.
  • Processing and assembling for various containers and parts.
Facility Size2446m2
Major ClientsAsai Glass Inc.Ishido Glass Co., Ltd.M.F.V Co., Ltd.Kamaya Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.Glasel Co., Ltd.Daiichi Kako Co., Ltd.Daisho Glass Co., Ltd.Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.Takeuchi Yoki Co., Ltd.Tatsumi Co., Ltd.Dai Nippon Printing Technopack Co., Ltd.Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.Toppan Plastic Co., Ltd.Nishimurakeiki Co., Ltd.Nichiei Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd.Nonogawa Bussan Co., Ltd.Hata Co., Ltd.Hisa Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.Plahard Inc.Heiwa Medic Inc.Makoto Kasei Corp.Yashima Seiko Co., Ltd. (in alphabetical order)
Our BankersSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
Nozomi Credit Union
The Nanto Bank, Ltd.

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1964, AugustAlong with arrangement of Kawamura chemical factory, some engineers succeeded the technology add founded Nikko chemical factory on October 1st,1964.
1968, DecemberReorganized to limited liability company
198420th Anniversary ceremony
1990, AprilAssigned Takuhiko Hikota as CEO
1999, OctoberRebuilt clean room on the 1st floor
2002, AprilRebuilt clean room for chemical product on the 2nd floor
2003, JuneRebuilt clean room on the 3rd floor
2005, AugustEnlarged the office building
2006, OctoberAssigned Toshihiko Kitagawa as CEO
201550th Anniversary Ceremony
2016, JulyNew facility for decorative operation started to run

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